6 Top Reasons why you should Study in Cyprus

 6 Top Reasons why you should Study in Cyprus
I guess Cyprus is one of the most suggested destinations for overseas education. Because every year,Hundreds and thousands of students are traveling to Cyprus for quality education at affordable cost. Maybe due to the diverse explosion of culture of this beautiful Mediterranean island. This is why we bring you some reasons to add to your decision to study in Cyprus.

 Affordable Tuition Fee: Universities in Cyprus provide quality education at quite affordable cost that is the major reason behind its popularity among international students especially student from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa  

Low Living Cost: Cyprus offer very affordable living conditions for students for the fact that Living, eating and transport in Cyprus is much cheaper as compared to other European countries. Dorm-style housing or hostels are available for students who wish to study abroad in Cyprus. Rooms are designed to accommodate one, two, or four students. And this is among the top reasons why Cyprus is fast becoming a student hub for students from many different countries and cultures.

 Quality Education : Cyprus education providers allow quality education at international standards in English. Internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs serving all interests are provided to the students. World class standard of Education with Excellent facilities for social, cultural and sports activities are provided to student from different background and cultures wishing to study .

 Lenient Study Visa Requirements: Gap during or after studies acceptable also all types of funds (current & old) are accepted. Part Time Job is allowed for 20 hours to students, High part time earning opportunity.Also Payment of tuition fees is only after visa approval and Offers of letter are within 24 hours to study in Cyprus.  

Work Rights on Student Visa: Students are allowed to work 20 hours week on student visa. And, after study, students get post study work visa to get international work experience.

 Pleasant climate and beautiful beaches: With its warm, dry summers and mild winters Cyprus is a Pleasant place to stay. In August the hottest month of the year the temperature ranges from 21 °C to 36 °C and in the coldest months of January and February the temperature is about 10 °C. You will need an extra layer for evenings but a good hot Turkish coffee will be enough to warm you up! Golden Beach has magnificent sand and turtles nursing their offspring around the shore.

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