According to Just Blaze the american producer who has produced countless beats for Jayz and a host of other music stars,
Jayz , Chris brown and a bunch of other American super stars couldn’t figure out what to do with this beat which was produced by Just Blaze.
The beat is one of the most unique beats in the world with no repeated sequence, every riff is distinct.
Timi drops just the perfect lyrics and energetic delivery to match the artistry of the beat resulting into this highly motivational rap song ‘ Show me the Impossible ‘
He raps about the reason why he can’t give up, this is the perfect song to refuel your desire to want to be successful and boost your confidence .
This is the first track off his Forthcoming mixtape ‘ Young Boy With A Dream ‘ which will be premiere in December ,It’s a must download if you love great rap music. 
The track was mixed, and mastered by Timi Blaze himself.

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