My names are Madubuko Festus Nnamdi, popularly known as Markface, a combination of my first two names. I’m the second child and the only boy from a nuclear family with four grown kids now.
I was born in the Republic of Benin and I lived my teenage life there. I attended and finished my primary education over there before moving down to my fatherland (Nigeria) to continue my secondary education.
As an adolescent in the ever bubbling Nigeria, I went on to attend Ansar Ud-Deen secondary school and later proceeded to complete my tertiary education at the Polytechnic of Ile-Ife in Osun state. On completion of my National Diploma, I was linked to play professional football in Qatar which I gave it a shot but the process got messy.
After a few years, 2015 to be exact, I made my second attempt at being a pro footballer but this time around, Germany was the call. On my second attempt, I was duped of my savings of over half a million naira, at that point, I got fed up and threw in the towel at nurturing a football career.
I took charge of my life and music took me by storm and save me from frustration after being duped pursing a football career. After that, I did not look back, I took hold of music and this is how far I have come.
I go the support of a friend, Silas Okorie, the younger brother of a popular Nollywood actress Angela Okorie. His support built my confidence in making good music for my fans.
I have recorded a number of songs but my latest song is title Roll it and its currently enjoying radio airplay in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin.
Aside music, my hobbies includes; football, swimming and keeping fit. I speak Igbo, English and French fluently.
You can connect with me on the following mediums; Facebook – Markface. Twitter – @madubuko2 and markface24 on instagram.


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