Motivate the World with Your Hustle because Hustle ain’t All About Fight Nigga!! ALrIGHT Is a Hit i Cooked for all My Fellow HUSTLERS. I was Inspired by the Street Hard Life so I couldn’t let the Inspirations Wave Away just like that. So I decided to make it a HiT It’s a Must that We Gonna pass through HardShip in Life before things can Turn Around for Good and We can Become ALRIGHT which I have Experienced in Many Ways since I was Born. I always Tell My Mama that even though I wasn’t Born in with Golden Spoon nor with a Silver Spoon, All I Believe is that One Day Things Gonna be ALRIGHT. Let Me Hear You Say WE Gonna be #ALRIGHT?? Do You Hear Me Do You Feel Me Gonna Be #ALRIGHT #Dedededede #DIDOBRENDY #DE_GREEN_HIGH_STAR


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