This song is Reaching out to each and every one, suffering from Depressions, Temptations and Trials.
A lot of people have been dislodged, derailed, and lost loved ones.These are the reasons why Willy Busy Lad says“THE WORLD IS NOT HIS HOME, HE HAS A PLACE LIKE HOME”. Another said “I HAVE A PLACE WHERE WE CAN CARRY ON”.
Brethren and Sistren, Have it in your mind that someone is concerned about your situations, praying to God to forgive our sins and heal the world; make the world a better place for all creation. Mainly the flooded part of the earth Niger Delta states in Nigeria, Florida in U.S.A, the Earth Quack victims in Mexico, Chile, the hurricane victim in the Caribbean and Pueto Rico
“HOLD UNTO JAH, IT WILL SOON BE DONE” another strong message from Willy Busy Lad


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